The First Band

Hey guys, Bandit is back!

Lets talk. So my introductory post discussed my love for music of all different genres. Whether it be rock, rap, or anything in between. I also talked about my very first instruments. I was now officially a guitar player. It was a big deal for me and taking lessons actually taught me to be accountable and opened my mind, helped me to be creative. I wanted more that just playing guitar. I wanted to be in a band. I remember being in high school and asking students in my class if they played an instrument. I had to do some searching but eventually I found a couple of guys. These guys were a great group, they were funny and entertaining. There was only one problem… they already had two guitar players. They really needed a drummer. They approached me with this and said they would love for me to pick up drumming. This was a totally different instrument and I spent the last year learning and taking guitar lessons, why would I now play drums? Well, the truth is, that my love for music made me willing to do whatever it took to be in a band. So, I put my guitar down and went back to the music store. I got a really crappy drum set just to start getting my chops and watched dozens of youtube videos of the basics, but never formally took lessons like I did for guitar. Before I knew it, I was ready to play live. The band I was in was a puck rock band so many of the tempos were very fast. It took some time to get quick, but I once again was able to accomplish that goal. I had a lot of fun in my first band and played many different venues. But, at that point my musical skills were not enough to pay the bills, Plus I wanted a better drum set! So, I picked up a part time job in the summer with Scranton Roofing Pros and did some manual labor. The two good things about that job were that it was cash under the table and I would sweat so much that I did end up losing some of the winter weight. I worked my tail off all summer and was finally able to afford a nicer drum set. They were Premiere Cabria Drums and nice blue/purple. The sound I was able to get from that set was magical compared to my previous set. I ended up giving that other drum set away actually. I did some upgrading here and there, bought a nice set of cymbals and improved my skills all through high school. We had more shows here and there but senior year of high school we had a slight falling out and eventually disbanded. We all agreed that it was time to move on to bigger, better things. I was moving away to college and the others wanted to start independent projects. My college career brought me back to the guitar as you will find out in my next post 🙂 keep coming back! talk to you soon!


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