My First Real Post

Hey guys bandit here with my first-ever blog post. This blog is dedicated to everything music. I first would like to say that I’m a 19-year-old guy and for the majority of my life I have spent my time playing all sorts of instruments. Not only is it a great hobby and it helps me grow my mind, it is such a stress reliever.  I come home every now and then especially in the summer time (from College). the majority of my time is spent either working for our local tree service or playing electric guitar. I cannot thank my parents enough for buying me my first acoustic guitar it is at that moment that I realized how much I love music and I spent the last 10 years dedicated to this craft. So I guess that’s where I will start. My first-ever instrument was it Gibson Epiphone six string acoustic guitar. I bought it from a local music store in my town and I was very excited about it. The reason why I chose guitar was my best friend had been playing for a couple of years and we wanted to start a band together. I played his guitar couple of times but basically I was afraid of it since it was an electric guitar. He didn’t let me play much so I wanted to buy my own. Six strings acoustic tobacco Sunburst the thing sounded awesome to me and I spent how is ours trying to practice. There were moments here and there where I am most gave it up. I remember getting so frustrated that I went to see my mom and told her my fingers were too large to play she simply laughed at me and said get back in there and practice your lesson. I’m happy she did, had I have given it up I would’ve missed out on so much fun and bonding with other local musicians. My friend and I ended up playing some music together however I didn’t necessarily start a full band with him. He was more into jazz and I was into rock at the time so although we were friends we went our separate ways in regard to music. The next step was finding a band to play with. At this time I’ve been I have been playing guitar for about a year or two and decided it was time. I could not however join a band with that acoustic guitar, I would need an electric guitar. Once again I find myself begging my parents for electric guitar small amp. Finally they caved and I was in possession of my next guitar and Epiphone electric guitar with a double humbucker pick up tobacco Sunburst and in my opinion sounded awesome. I will leave some pics below. All right, got the guitar, time for the band –  I’ll save that for the next post. Keep rockin


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